WWE terminates it's contract with Hulk Hogan

It's a sad day in the sport of professional wrestling when they choose to take words out of context and terminate the contract of the sports greatest legend. Apparently that's exactly what happened. WWE found some old footage of Hulk using the word Nigga. But he wasn't using it in an offensive way, he was explaining that when he was in a certain city all the people there were calling him Nigga but in an affectionate way. So he started calling them the same thing.

It seems to me that the decision makers at WWE were just looking for a reason to let Hogan go. If you ask me the WWE is being way too politically correct on this. And being very petty and unfair. But Hulk Hogan is being very positive about the ordeal. He's leaving it up to GOD to place him somewhere else. And doors always seem to open for the Hulk. As far as his wrestling career goes.... Hulk Hogan put the WWE on the map. He is and always will be the one man that is bigger than the WWE.

Hulk Hogan is wrestling. No one to this day has ever reached his level, and I doubt anyone ever will. And that kills the WWE to know that. So until they come to their senses and rehire Hulk Hogan I will not be supporting or viewing their shows.

Lou Buren <><


Is there a reason to celebrate the 4th of July anymore?

Over 200 years ago we shook off the chains of tyranny, and started our own nation. One of the main things we escaped from was judicial tyranny. We celebrate the 4th of July as independence day. In celebration of breaking free of that tyranny. But is there a reason to celebrate it anymore? It seems our court system is becoming like those we suffered with 200 years ago, the SCOTUS recently attempted to make a law. Which it clearly has no constitutional authority to do. We need a powerful president in office like Mike Huckabee who will right the many wrongs Obama and his SCOTUS have inflicted on our nation.

I stand with governor Huckabee, soon to be president Huckabee. But more importantly I stand with GOD.


Supreme Courts recent rulings

The Supreme liberal court has been on a abuse of power binge lately. But the funny thing is they are abusing power that they don't have. But oddly enough, no one seems to see that. They recently ruled on subsidies for Obamcare and the gay marriage issue.

As presidential candidate governor Mike Huckabee has stated: The Supreme Court is only one of three equal branches. Not the supreme being. They can't make or change laws. They can't legislate from the bench. That's simple 9th grade civics. But apparently nobody knows 9th grade civics.

The judicial tyranny America is experiencing is similar to the tyranny we broke free from over 200 years ago by divine call. We really need a man like Mike Huckabee to be elected president. He stated he would fight for term limits on these liberal judges. And help fight judicial tyranny.


Hulk Hogan

The suspect in the Charleston church massacre

I wanted to point out a couple things about the incident in Charleston. For one, the shooter 21 year old Dylann Roof was on mind altering medications. I'm not saying the drugs caused him to go out and kill people. But anti-depressants do take away a person's ability to care. They take away inhibitions when your thinking about doing something. So, you can see why they do make a difference. We pray for the victims families and friends.

The second thing I wanted to mention is that the shooting took place in a gun-free zone. Most mass-shootings do. So, as you can see gun control laws do not stop crimes like this from happening. So, if gun free zones don't work why do liberals keep pushing the gun grabbing agenda? Because they don't care about stopping crimes like this. They will however capitalize on them, and use them to tout their agenda's! They push gun control because they want everyone disarmed including the good citizens.

A population is easy to control when it's unarmed. Our founding fathers set the 2nd amendment in place for a reason. To defend our life, liberty and property. And to fight a corrupt tyrannical government should it ever become that way. Is it that way now? What do you think?


Katelyn Jenner

It's all over the news, you can't turn on the TV without seeing something about Bruce Jenner changing his appearance to look like a woman. The media wants to make him out to be brave and a hero of some kind. When in actuality Bruce isn't a hero and he isn't brave. He's scared and confused and obviously suffering some type of identity crisis.

The above video shows just one example of trauma that can cause people to be confused on their sexuality and identity. Some girls may think they want to be a boy if other boy's don't find them attractive or show interest in them. Molestation sometimes plays a part in this issue.

GOD's design is clear, he doesn't make mistakes. If you were born a male, then GOD wants you to be you. Homosexuality is an activity of sex with the same gender (A sin). Homosexuality is NOT an identity as the secular media of today would have you believe.

Please join us in prayer as we pray for Bruce, that he receives Jesus and has his eyes opened. As well as all others who are confused with their identity/sexuality.